Ix Technology Corporation


Interaction performs information exchange: every interaction, minuscule or majestic, is conditioned on the state of the interacting entities, and thus necessarily informative; coherent information is called Knowledge.

Interaction conveys influence: along the history-path of an entity, every step so suggested by external contact necessarily smothers all purely independent alternatives; coherent influence is called Control.

Although the products of any process of structured interaction are coherent to a degree, it is their aggregation in localized entities called Agents that allows information and influence to persist and accumulate. Coherence is a relative measure; it is rare that either Knowledge or Control obtain distinct from the interaction noise floor, separate from the catalyst of an Agent to concentrate and amplify their diffuse precursors.

The science of control systems – Cybernetics – studies, constructs, and applies processes of structured interaction, most especially in the context of those streams of Knowledge and Control sourced and sunk by agentic entities.

As helmsman of this discipline, Ix Technology Corporation, through academic research and industrial development, furthers the understanding of cybernetic theory in abstract, and the technique of its employment in practice.